Beautiful imperfections

Have you ever wandered that vampire canines and crossed eyes are sexy? Well, here are some beautiful imperfections. You can only love or loathe them!

1. Gapped teeth (Diastema)

 If you have it, I think you are blessed. There is also a saying that people with gapped teeth are lucky.
 Lara Stone, Lindsey Wixson and many other supermodels have made the gap teeth smile the new face of  fashion. Vogue cover photos are full of gap teeth smiling beauties. According to The Guardian, "many models are having brackets inserted between their front teeth to widen the gap and improve their careers and American dentists report that veneers with slight staining, grooves and overlaps are growing in popularity."
 I have had gapped teeth but my orthodontist has unfortunately closed it in just one month of wearing braces despite my continuous begging for leaving my gap alone.

2. Crooked, vampire like canines

Guess you know about these Japanese girls who are wearing braces and going through surgery just to have crooked canines. I mean, I have also had them but my orthodontist has done his job, again against my wish.  I really like that natural cute look of Kirsten Dunst canines. Don't you?

3. Wide set eyes

Are considered by many the most beautiful type of eye, even thought all eyes are beautiful. They make people look very youthful. The main objective of my  make up is to bring my eyes look far apart from each other. Many celebrities enhance their wide set eyes. The most famous is the gorgeous Kate Moss.


 4. Slightly crossed eyes
 Absolutely one of the most beautiful imperfections.  Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and sure Kate Moss have crossed eyes. Moffy, this crossed eyes girl is the ultimate face of Storm Models, the agency that discovered Kate Moss and she is challenging the fashion industry with her look. Stunning, isn't she?


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